When we deliver a service at Petchey cars our priority is for safety, comfort, and ease of use for all of our customers. Accessibility is therefore fundamental to the design of our minibuses to ensure only the very best experience. Naturally, three-point seatbelts are standard, but we offer the full range of onboard equipment to allow our physically impaired customers and clients to travel, and board and leave the vehicle in comfort and with dignity.

Optimum wheelchair access designEach one of our specially adapted minibuses is designed for comfortable boarding and egress. After entering the minibus via the ramps the wheelchair user will find generous space on board, aisle floor lights, and specialised floor tracking systems to support ease of access. Customers will also find grab

rails and high visibility handles for extra safety and security.

Available to all Community Organisations
Petchey offers minibus services to the whole community. We are especially proud of the services we offer to local schools, community groups and centres, retirement and care homes, and local authority social services. Our accessibility services are also used frequently by the NHS. We are now one of the choice providers of accessibility transport to many NHS Primary Care Trusts.

Our highly-trained operators will support you in ensuring you receive the appropriate vehicle for your journey.
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